Hello and welcome to the life of a Muslim Feminist Blog!

This project was set up by Noorulann Shahid and Halima in order to provide a platform for Muslim Feminists off the back of the success of the #lifeofamuslimfeminist hashtag. The hashtag proved that there are a lot of Muslim Feminists globally, each with their own diverse opinions and this blog aims to create a platform for their voices. We would like to continue the discourse that the hashtag started.

We’d like your submissions for this blog! Please use the contact form on the contact page to express an interest in submitting something and we will then contact you via e-mail. We want anything and everything- from pictures, quotes, blog posts (of roughly 500-800 words), photography, videos, poetry- this is not an exhaustive list. The only thing we ask is that you identify as a Muslim Feminist and that your submissions are roughly related to the idea of feminism, being a Muslim Feminist, Islamic feminism, intersectionality or the #lifeofamuslimfeminist hashtag in some way. We aim to be as inclusive and diverse as possible and showcase the fact that Muslim Feminists are not a monolith, so we encourage all types of submissions.

We are really excited by this project and your submissions and input will help to make it a success.


Disclaimers & notices

-The posts that we feature on this blog do not necessarily reflect the views of Noorulann or Halima

-Sensitive posts will be marked with a trigger warning at the beginning

-We can provide anonymity for writers if this is necessary, just let us know

-Whilst we encourage debate and discussion, we will not tolerate hatred or abuse of any kind- this is a safe space


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