Month: April 2014

A great piece on Muslim feminism and Muslim women

Some of you may have caught the tweets last night regarding the article below which really struck a chord with us. Huma Munshi wrote a piece for Media Diversified that was regarding an exhibition she’d been to recently. It’s a fantastic and thought-provoking piece in which Huma carefully examines what it means to be a Muslim woman in Britain, the fact that the media portrays Muslim women in a certain way, how this contrasts to the reality of Muslim women and how it then may not be surprising that the very notion of a Muslim Feminist seems to be contradictory, and finally, Huma argues how important it is to have spaces in which Muslim women can talk about their bodies, which are often fetishised and politicised.

Anyway, it really is a great piece: I’ve included an excerpt below and a link to the full text. Enjoy!




Body Narratives sparks a debate on Muslim feminism

by Huma Munshi

As a Muslim woman, a space to share my story and talk about my feminism is scarce and (therefore) precious. I was reminded how important these spaces are to me as I attended the launch of the Body Narratives exhibition, A Different Mirror. A discussion with some of the organisers inspired this column.

To read the rest of this piece, which is published on Media Diversified, please click here.